Here at Emu Plains Optical, We care about your eyesight. It is for this reason that we recommend regular eye tests and examinations. There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ eye test. As everybody’s eyes are different, so too are their eye tests.

We advise that everybody should have their eyes tested at least every 2 years. On average, eye examination will take around 30 minutes which includes retinal photographs, However some people may take longer depending on the condition of the eyes and certain special conditions.

We care for your eyesight, so you can be assured that we conduct all of our tests in a professional manner that has the health of your eyes as the number one priority.


Vision is more than simply just eye sight or how clearly you can see. Vision also refers to how well we understand what we see. Behavioural optometry assesses both visual function, which refers to how clearly one can see, as well as visual perception, which refers to how the brain interprets what we see.

Visual functional assessments include assessment of eye movement skills, eye focusing skills, as well as eye teaming skills. Most people are able to see well for short periods of time, but some have trouble maintaining clear vision over time. This could lead to eye strain, poor concentration and even avoidance of the task.

Visual perceptual assessments include assessment of visual analysis skill, visual motor integration, visual memory, visual sequencing, visual spatial skill and visualisation. These skills are important prerequisites for learning at school. Visual perceptual skills are learnt through experience and hence, deficits in these skills can also be trained through vision therapy.

Behavioural optometry may use a number of different methods to help improve one’s vision. These may include lifestyle recommendations, the use of spectacle lenses or prisms, use of contact lenses, vision therapy or referral to other health care practitioners.


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